I want to thank my brother, Christian aka IHOP, for making the video. He did a really great job. I also want to congratulate everybody for passing the test. You all did a great job. Pass the word and show this video to people you know. Everyoone in the video looks so great. It's a great way to show off what you learned. 


Here's a cool pic of Zenmaster showing his skill.

The test is coming up soon. There's two more classes before Saturday. If you would like to meet up with some of the guys/girls to practice, just post them to comments.


There are many ways to use a stick as an attack which was clearly shown in the Dan Inosanto YouTube clip. There are also many ways to hold a stick as well. Depending on the distance between you and the opponent, one may either choke up on the stick to attack someone close to you or leave little space to attack someone further away from you. Here is a clip which will better describe this:

Update 02/22/2009

So I talked to Zenmaster and this is what we are doing right now: 

Combative Stick Fighting (CSF) on forward footwork triangle

Angle #1

1A) Sweep Block

1B) Cross Block

1C) Parry-Pass counter


A) The Snake: hand

B) The Vine: stick

For those of you that don't understand what he means by triangle and footwork, here is a quick video. It's taken from another martial arts, but they are using the footwork laid down by Eskrima fighters.


In Eskrima we've learned some of the basics but we have yet to understand the effectiveness of these strikes. Here is a cool video of it..

Although we can really hurt somebody with one strike, the effectiveness of eskrima is the range and multiple strikes to the person. There is so much to learn.