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Check out the Eskrima test on 03/14/09. It was a great success. 

What is Eskrima?

Eskrima is a weapons based martial art and is the national sport of the Philippines which has a very long history. Its difference from other martial arts is that the student is taught to train with weapons from the very start, rather than starting on empty hands training. This type of training builds manual dexterity in the practitioner and also trains faster conditioned responses to various attacks. Although it is weapons based, it also includes striking, wrestling and grappling, and even groundfighting, as well as teaching practical defenses against most weapons. In the Philippines it is referred to as Arnis in the northern islands (Luzon), is known as Eskrima in the central islands (Visayas), and is known as Kali in the southern islands (Mindanao).

Quick History Of Eskrima

What to expect at One World?

At One World, you can expect to have the best instructor to work with. He is very detailed with his instruction which make it easy to learn the movements.

The atmosphere that you experience at One World is very good. You can expect to learn and train hard while also meeting new people. There is a sense of community and family once you walk through the doors of One World.